Then I Just Stop and I Love Instead.

“Sometimes I wonder why people do what they do, what makes them who they are.
Sometimes I wonder if there are ‘broken’ people or if they are just different.
Sometimes I wonder why people try to fix other people before the ‘fix’ themselves.
Sometimes I wonder why people come into your life with the intention to walk right back out of it. Sometimes I wonder if common courtesy was common, what the world would look like.
Sometimes I wonder…then I remember playing the what-if game is what got me here in the first place.
Sometimes I wonder but then remember I have to live in the present.
Sometimes I wonder then I remember…talk less smile more; be there for yourself, your friends and your family.
Sometimes I wonder what I could or should be but then remember I am perfect the way I am.
Sometimes I wonder and then I just stop and I love instead.”

~ Natalie Edinger

Photos by @Ladybyrdproductionsllc

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