Snow White and the Huntsman Reimagined.

Love lost but never forgotten.
Love lost but never forgotten.
The phrase resonates at the same frequency of my heart.
Breaks it so there’s nothing left for others.
What brought me to this moment.
How can I make a decision to kill something made for me.
The fine lines of my shattered heart allow my emotions to seep out.
Getting love, hate, fear and happiness all confused.
My heart is here but it’s fractured with what could have been.
No one will ever know me the same.
I don’t give up, I give in.
I let all those shattered pieces fall from their place and go to sleep.
See you soon my love.
THANK YOU to the ladies and gentleman that made this shoot possible.  Lovely to work with.
Photographer and Shoot Design: Lauren Edinger with Lady Byrd Productions LLC
Models:  Jesse Rumancik and Courtney Wall
HMUA: Rebecca McGillicuddy with INSPIRE Beauty-Hair, makeup & effects
Location: FIT Botanical Gardens, Melbourne FL