Jasmine + Jafar: Cosplay Couple’s Boudoir Adult Content :)

“Only thing more beautiful than the woman that knows what she wants,
is the woman who isn’t waiting on anybody else to get it for her.”
– Unknown

Nothing says Valentine’s Day to me like an opportunity for a couple to feel sexy and connected.  And nothing says more fun than a cosplay boudoir couple’s shoot!
Not only did I have some really fabulous clients but the concept was an interesting one as well.  It is definitely a new, fun and sexy experience to do a boudoir session and what better way to connect with your partner!  They came to me with this concept of Jasmine seducing Jafar and I was 100% in.

What a fun twist on a love story!  Victoria and Pepe were amazing to work with and their love and passion created such beautiful images.  I’m so glad I could capture a moment that they can look at forever.  I look forward to our next shoot coming up soon!  Live the experience below and if you would like to follow this couple in their amazing adventures their cosplay links are at the bottom of the blog!


Interview of Victoria (Jasmine) and Her Experience Seducing Jafar (Pepe):
What inspired you to do a cosplay boudoir photoshoot? Well my partner and I are very sensual individuals. Prior to dating I had always wanted to do a slave Jasmine and my partner already was doing the Jafar. So when we started dating we figured hey why not let our first photo shoot as a couple be something intimate.

Were you nervous before the shoot? I was absolutely nervous. I mean you are doing poses and showing your body in a matter where somebody else is actually watching and capturing that moment. I was also nervous with the fact that my boudoir photo shoot would come out raunchy versus sexual and classy.

  What did you enjoy most about the shoot? Why? I enjoyed the playfulness of the photoshoot it was fun being able to express our connection and have somebody capture it. Lauren was amazing with making me feel comfortable and able to be in the moment with my partner.

What was your overall experience? My overall experience was fabulous. I had fun it was sexy and playful. I caught myself in moments kind of not even knowing our photographer was there, having some make out sessions with my boyfriend but it definitely brought me and partner closer.

What was it like to seduce the “bad guy”? It was incredible to actually kind of live in the fandom that people have for Jafar and slave Jasmine. It definitely helps to have a hot villain by your side for seducing.

 Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? Absolutely this is my first one and now knowing how it can be, having the right photographer. And feeling comfortable I definitely am going to be setting up another boudoir photoshoot and this time be on the lookout for Mother of Dragons and Khal Drogo.

Any tips you would give to someone thinking about doing a boudoir shoot? The one thing I definitely didn’t think about was the photos that I wanted. I kinda of glimpsed and skimmed here and there but definitely doing some research on the photos and kind of the Avenue you want to go for your boudoir photo shoot is a big tip that I would get anybody looking into doing it. Also just have fun with it because there’s no judging it’s all about how you feel and if you can express that then you’re going to have a great time.

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